Dollar Cost Average Calculator 📈 【Returns】

The Dollar-cost average can be defined as the investment of a person who invests the same amount of asset (money) periodically just to avoid the risk of price volatility in the market and gain more profit.

How to use the Dollar-cost average calculator and its Formula?

  •  You can calculate it by using the formula which is following:
    Dollar Average Price = Number of periods/ ∑(1/Share Price on investment dates)
  • This formula would help to calculate the Dollar-cost average in an easy way by just filling in the required data. 
  • You can use the calculator below for the dollar cost average plan for any stock by just entering the stock symbol.
Dollar-cost Average Calculator
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Dollar Cost Average Calculator

As an investment strategy, the Dollar-cost average is defined as the investment of a person who invests the same amount of assets (money) on a continuing basis in order to avoid price volatility in the market and increase their profits.

For example, a person tends to invest the same amount for many years on a monthly basis on the same date, in particular mutual funds. This could help an individual to gain profit at the risk of less loss. With this method of investment, an investor invests the same amount of money each time which helps him to buy more shares at the time when the prices of the shares are low and vice versa. The dollar-cost average calculation cannot be an optimal option for the one who has the expertise to track the market record and wants to make necessary changes and adjustments in the portfolio. 

What can a Dollar-cost average calculator do for you? 

The dollar cost average method tends to be a very simple and easy method of investing in the market and promotes investment which ultimately helps the investor to achieve the goals of financial benefits which can lead towards more future investments in the different fields to get maximum profit out of it. 

How does the Dollar-cost average calculator work?

The dollar cost averaging calculator UK is very beneficial. This investor will invest the same amount every time he plans to invest. If the investor has the excess to the market values then he can plan to invest a greater amount. 


For instance, you invest $6,000 in 6 months and the investor plans to invest in XYZ company. But the ratio of the company is up and down. So investors plan a time duration of 6 months and invest $1,000 each month in order to get profit. 

Benefits of Dollar-cost average

There are numerous advantages of dollar-cost averaging. The first and foremost benefit of dollar-cost averaging is that it is very easy to be used and work on. It is highly convenient in setting up the plans and element of market timings for an investor who doesn’t want to track the market on a timely basis or who doesn’t have the proper knowledge of the market about such an investment.

Another benefit of dollar cost averaging is that the method makes the process of investment so easy as well as it helps in averaging out rye fluctuations of the shares prices and tend to help the investors to minimize their cost basis on security which declines the value.

Apart from this advantage, the dollar cost average is highly affordable for such investors who do not have much money and the capacity to make big investments in a particular time. For example, a person who takes a fixed salary from a company, it would be easy for him to take a certain amount of money out of it and invest it rather than making huge investments in a single day.

Limitations of Dollar-cost average

There are some limitations to this method as well. The studies have shown that it is better to invest the lump sum amount of the money rather than investing the same amount of money each month but in the dollar-cost average method, an investor has to invest the same amount monthly on the same date. This method also leads towards more transactions which would add the transaction cost for the investor which will not be good for him if the brokerage cost is high. These limitations can make an investor not invest in a certain way. Other than that everything is fine. 

Bitcoin dollar cost average calculator 

Bitcoin dollar cost average based on investing a certain amount of US dollars into Bitcoin on a regular basis. This method has been used by investors who want to buy bitcoin and take the maximum profit out of it, and also for those who want to make purchases of Bitcoin for a long period because it helps to protect them from allocation of their capital at a peak price. You can make the performance of your dollar cost average investment improved by using some of these types of tools if you have some experience in this type of investment. In terms of buying Bitcoin, these tools would give you timely singles on when is the right time to buy bitcoin at what price instead of buying them at a fixed time interval. These investments would help to keep up with the market and make necessary changes in investment when required. 

Dollar cost averaging calculator Australia 

Dollar cost calculator sp500 is quite easy to handle. As it keeps you safe from risks and major investments. You should start from small amounts and later can invest a greater amount of assets. It is a worldwide strategy and your investment should be guided by a senior professionalist. Make sure to do proper research before investing your money. The simple dollar cost averaging calculator spreadsheet is quite simple to use. You have to add the greater amount first and see the amount of profit and then have to multiply the digit. 

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Dollar cost averaging calculator excel

Here below is an excel simple dollar cost averaging calculator table. It is used for cryptocurrency and trading. Initially, you have to enter the unit quantity and then enter cost per unit. At the bottom of the table, you will see the average unit cost. In the bottom four rows, you can easily convert the formula with any percentage fees. 

Dollar-cost averaging calculator vanguard

This dca calculator stock strengths your financial strategy. You can easily use this by adding your total assets. Then compare your investments with market values.  After that, you need to find out the vanguard funds that are quite identical to other fund families

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Value averaging calculator

Value average calculator is a basic technique that is used to help in investing. The main purpose of using a value averaging calculator is to have more share prices. It usually occurs when the dollar cost average is less pronounced. Below is the calculator that will explain to you the ratio of investment and market value.

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Benefits and limitations of Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin

The Bitcoin dollar-cost averaging has numerous pros and cons which can motivate and demotivate an investor to take risks on his money. The pros include that this method reduces the risk of buying at tops that means you are not allocating your complete capital on the same day for purchase and taking it slowly by making monthly payments and it is not possible to invest your money at the top and get only profit but no loss.

Another benefit is this method does not require a big investment upfront which means you don’t have to commit a huge amount in one day on a purchase instead of that you can use small chunks of your money on investments. The next benefit of this method is it gives you time to understand Bitcoin and how it works. It also gives the advantage of buying Bitcoin at a steep discount which means you don’t have to allocate your complete capital at once to buy Bitcoin which will help you to understand the situation and take things slowly so if it crashes you will still be left with some money instead of being empty-handed.

This method also has some limitations which include it can eliminate the possibility of buying exact bottoms. That means if you follow this method it may cause you to allocate your capital at the exact bottom in bitcoin and some purchases would always be at a high price if the strategy would execute properly. Other limitations are this process is time taking and it would take time to get the desired exposure because of small purchases. Which will prevent an investor from getting more profit in a short time due to small investments.