MACRS Depreciation Calculator

A modified accelerated cost recovery system, or MACRS, is what it is called. It was used so investors can easily invest depreciable assets by saving taxes. Even people who are taxpayers can also use it for their farms, buildings, or equipment. It is basically a tax depreciation system that is used in the USA

What can the MACRS depreciation calculator do for you? 

 The MODIFIED Accelerated Cost Recovery System in this calculator can be used to calculate depreciation schedules for depreciable assets. Through you can easily know the expense of the year, the book value, and the investment figure. Plan your schedule accordingly. Initially, you have to enter the basis of assets and after that, you need to put the business use percentage. Then you can choose a specific time duration for the recovery process. Then select your own depreciation method and in the end, but the date property and enter the calculate button.

How does this MACRS depreciation calculator work? 

MACRS depreciation calculator is used to calculating tax deductions. When an asset is being purchased you can’t calculate the entire year of the purchase. So for that IRS allows reducing some portion of the cost every year. 


For instance, you purchase a laptop worth $2000. You can’t deduct $2000 in the exact year in which you have done the purchase. Then this Macrs depreciation calculator will help you calculate the cost of the portion of every year.

How to use the MACRS depreciation calculator?

For calculating MACRS depreciation you need to follow a few steps that are given below. 

  • Step 1: :In this, you have to find out the original values of original assets. 
  • Step 2 :In this step, you have to find the class of your assets. All the assets will be classified according to their categories. Then you have to use the MACRS Depreciation Methods Table to find the total cost of your assets. 
  • Step 3 :In this, you have to use depreciation to classify your assets. 
  • Step 4:In step 4 choose the MACRS depreciation convention by using the assets. There are altogether 3 major conventions which are 
  • Mid-Month
  • Mid-Quarter
  • Half-Year.
  • Step 5:In this step, you have to find out the percentage with the total result of the calculation by using MACRS Percentage Table and Depreciation Rate Tables.

MACRS depreciation methods 

This MACRS depreciation method is used for greater amount deductions in starting years and lesser amount deductions in later years. MACRS depreciation formula excel is also used to keep all the records of calculations and taxes. Two major methods are used for MACRS depreciation which is as follows. 

Declining balance method

In this method, you will be provided a larger deduction in the starting years of the assets life and very low in the remaining years. 

Straight-line method

In this method, you will see the deduction of the quoted amount every year rather than in the first year. 


A company has purchased some agricultural land for $200,000 in 2021. For instance, assume it as a half-year convention it can easily be calculated by using the MACRS depreciation table. Agricultural land is a property for 10 years and you have a 100% declining balance depreciation method for it. 

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MACRS depreciation calculator rental property 

This MACRS depreciation rental property is a very tough procedure. You have to find out 

MACRS depreciation rates by using a depreciation calculator. The basic calculation is done with the help of straight-line depreciation. This depreciation calculator is specifically designed for a property that is real estate or rental property. By calculating the property the basic cost is depreciated so there remain no salvage values.  

The formula

Depreciation in Any Full year = Cost / Life

First year depreciation = (((12-M)+0.5) / 12) * (Cost / Life)

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How AMT depreciation calculator is used? 

AMT depreciation is used to deduct business assets for a longer time duration and an AMT depreciation calculator is used to calculate the amount of the assets per year. Although three methods are used for AMT depreciation. 

  1. It straightened up the line for almost 40 years of depreciation 
  2. Assets are easily taken by straight-line depreciation. As various properties are allocated to different classes for AMT calculations 
  3. The declining method can reach up to 150%. If you see a loss in straight-line depreciation you can switch to the straight-line approach. 

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What is a bonus depreciation calculator? 

Bonus depreciation is basically a tax incentive that is used for large-scale businesses. It deducts a great percentage of the purchase price. It is also said to be the additional first-year depreciation deduction. The basic purpose or bonus depreciation is the acquisition of items like machinery. The total cost and the tax implemented on it are calculated by the bonus depreciation calculator.

When you use the calculator make sure initially you calculate Section 179 deduction then 50% bonus depreciation deduction is done. After that, you have to add normal 1st-year depreciation and total 1st-year depreciation. Then you will see the deducted amount of depreciation. Potential cash saving will be 35% and by the whole calculation, the amount you will gain will be your actual cost after saving. Most of the time it is used to benefit the company. In case you don’t use bonus depreciation then the company can face severe financial crises at any moment and it can be a huge loss. It is perfect for larger-scale businesses as companies that have a tax of million per year must use it.